About Us

The Samuel Abimbola Foundation was established to help alleviate the physical, financial, mental and career challenges of the female gender. Women and girls, in many societies today, continue to have a constricted channel to success in the ever changing society. It is however a sad reality that some societies in their archaic view of gender equality, sweep under the carpet the need to uplift women and girls. It is with this reality that our organization rides on this goal.

Samuel Abimbola foundation is a social empowerment organization headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria. Our primary goal is to mentor, inspire and empower women and girls. We believe that prosperous and more inclusive societies of tomorrow can be achieved by empowering women and girls of today. It is without a doubt that everybody benefits when a girl is empowered.


To empower Vulnerable and Less privileged Women/Widow and Single Mothers through vocational trainings with entrepreneurial development opportunities to make them self-sufficient and independence.


To enlighten, educate, train and empower vulnerable women, widows and single mothers in different skill acquisition to make them to be self-sufficient and self-independent.

What We Do

Vocational Trainings
Entrepreneurial Development
Emotional and Counseling support
Financial Empowerment